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"There was no mistaking what the feeling of fullness in his heart meant. They were mates and were bound together. Forever. Wharick's green eyes closed for a moment as he absorbed the feeling of completeness their bond provided his spirit."— Madison Thorne Grey

Gwarda Warriors by Madison Thorne Grey

Love the alpha-male type men in romance books? Me Too!

 LARGEswords-lgMeet the Gwarda Warriors by Madison Thorne Grey

Gwarda - (Gwar-Dah) Created to kill the black beasts (former descendant angels from Vehaven) and destroy evil in the country of Northbrook. This new race of green-eyed alpha-male warriors have been created with the core cultures (soul essence) of the god of fire and ice, Arturro.

Crystal green eyes, large build and ethereal looks are their trademarks. Born with binds around their wrists, each Gwarda male has a unique colored gem embedded in their skin, beneath their binds.

Their color gem matches the gem of their mate, their Destoul.

Each Gwarda male displays powers after it is triggered by the voice of their Destoul (they hear it in their mind).Their half god nature comes alive with the power and the intense desire to be with their mates (in every way).

Every Gwarda has the curse of the gods inside of their minds, compelling them to the dark forest of Surchin.

Their Destoul is a female that has been regenerated (a reincarnation of sorts) from Arturro's lost love, Isobel



Wharick - (War-ik) The Gwardian - Leader - King of Northbrook

Book one: Magnificence by Madison Thorne Grey

Magnificence 600x900Possessive, Jaw grinding, alpha male.

This large brute of a alph male warrior wields fire from his sword and his hands.

Attributes - huge body, long dark brown hair with a slight wave, full lips, chiseled jaw and piercing Gwarda green eyes that nearly glow when provoked.

Destoul: Keirah

Gem: Amethyst

Purple, the color of royalty


Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Say Something by Alex and Sierra (X-factor USA performance)

Full YouTube Gwarda Warriors playlist: mtgyoutubechannel

Magnificence by Madison Thorne Grey:

Magnificence is an adult fantasy-paranormal romance novel
Arturro and Isobel had the kind of love that lasts forever...
In the fantasy realm above, known as Vehaven, the heartfelt action of a god inspires the creation of a new race of warriors.
A love which was lost long ago will alter the destinies of many....

Wharick, the leader of a new race of green-eyed warriors finds more than beasts and gypsies to battle when he discovers his stubborn, beautiful mate in the midst of a dark forest he is now to call home.
Born with the same binds around his wrists as his Gwarda brethren, he is the chosen leader: the Gwardian. He must unite and lead the new race of cursed warriors who now live in the black forest of Surchin. He fights with the fire of a god; he kills the roaming beasts, battles the darkness, strives only to fulfill the purpose he is constantly beckoned by the gods to achieve. However, his priorities are altered the day he hears the voice of his Destoul, his soul’s destiny. She is in the forest and she is wounded. He will stop at nothing to find her, possess her, and kill whoever dares to harm what belongs to him.
As regenerated souls find each other once again
Keirah and her younger druid sisters are all marked with a gem as it magically appears embedded in their bodies. Now they find themselves without parents and forced to live with strangers. They soon flee from the fires of their new home into the forests that hold the most vile, the Karpartha gypsies, and the god of death’s minions, known as Kravens. Theyare held captive, victimized, and then separated.
Keirah begins her journey to find her beloved sisters and, while doing so, finds the destiny of her heart. She is instantly struck by the intense attraction between the Gwardian and her. Being raised fiercely independent, she struggles to admit her need and desire for the Gwarda male, because in doing so, it threatens to destroy the shields she has built up to protect her heart:

Magnificence FREE on Amazon for Kindle:Amazonbutton Free Ebook on Smashwords. Many formats available:



Kathel - (KATH-ELL) GYPSY - Gwarda

Book two: Sustenance by Madison Thorne Grey

Sustenance final 600x900Mischievous, Sarcastic, Menacing, Loves to piss people off

Black hair, Tattoos on his forearms that hide scars, Tattoo of his clan emblem (lower area of ribcage, left side) exotic-looking, short haired goatee, full lips, crystal green eyes that shift a darker color of green when excited sexually. Green eyes glow when in a fighting altercation (Gwarda trait).

His binds were dug out of his wrists by his gypsy family when he was young. They refused to give him over to the Gwarda trainers, the druids, and raised him in the gypsy clans. Seeks revenge on those that hurt him and hurt his mate.

Destoul - Mahgen

Gem: Ruby


Radioactive by Imagine Dragons- YouTube video: Radioactive

Rain by Brian Crain - YouTube video: RAIN

Full YouTube Gwarda Warriors playlist: mtgyoutubechannel

Sustenance by Madison Thorne Grey:

When the one you love and hunger for, is out there...

 Kathel, the gypsy Gwarda warrior has a mission: find his Destoul, Mahgen, claim her as his own, and return to the dark forest of Surchin to unite with his Gwarda brothers. Passion and hidden power ignite inside Kathel. Soon his troubled past and secrets will be revealed, and he must battle more than dark forces and black beasts. He will also struggle with his own heart in order to remain with the mate who is his destiny.

You do whatever it takes to find them...

 Mahgen is on the verge of giving up when her Destoul, the destiny of her soul, finds her and saves her life. Thrilled to be with her mate, Mahgen now carries with her the horrid memories of the months held captive by evil Karpartha gypsies. Will Kathel forgive what she had to do to survive?

Can they look beyond the secrets and pain to see their love overcome all? FREE on Amazon ebook :Amazonbutton

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Darius (Dare- REE- US) Broken Gwarda male

Book three: Recompense by Madison Thorne Grey

Recompense 600x900Darius has an abusive, troubled past. He was found huddled alone in the forest by the druid, Lazerin, who raised and trained him along with Wharick, Breccan and Gunnar. Darius will be known to some as more savage in nature. in his book, as he hunts down those that are responsible for killing his friend. What he finds are those that abused him years ago. Also on his journey he discovers his mate, his other half..and his only reason for living.

Brown hair, Gwarda green eyes, chiseled facial features

Has a heart that he blocks with any icy wall that he believes no one can penetrate.

In charge of the eastern territory section of Surchin and overseeing the construction of the wall.

Destoul: Sorvus

Gem: Emerald


Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Worn by Tenth Avenue North - YouTube video: Worn

Full YouTube Gwarda Warriors playlist: mtgyoutubechannel


Thristan - (like TRISTAN but TH..THrist-in) - Archangel, twin of Eyramus

Book four: Silence by Madison Thorne Grey

Silence NookCelestial-look, black wings, friend to Sorvus and currently very pissed that he sits in a shielded pond in Surchin. Sorvus foretold Thristan that he will be one of the most powerful beings ever created).

Long brown hair, piercing blue archangel eyes, large build, smoothe skin, thick thighs.

Bind around the neck when Sorvus exiles him to the pond in the dark forest of Surchin.

Destoul: Josel

Gem: Aquamarine

MUSIC inspirations for SILENCE Bk 4 in the Gwarda Warriors series by Madison Thorne Grey:


Thais and Josel: Like Real People Do by Hozier - YouTube video: Like Real People Do

Thais and Josel (enlightenment): YouTube video: Wave by Beck - YouTube: WAVE

Thristan and Josel: Take It Easy by Jetta - YouTube video: Take It Easy - YouTube

Thristan and Josel: My Own by Whitaker -  YouTube video: My Own

Thristan and Josel: Vow by Meredith Monk YouTube video: Vow by Meredith Monk

Full YouTube Gwarda Warriors playlist: mtgyoutubechannel



Breccan - (Brek-in) - Women loving, Viking, Fierce

Book five: Brilliance by Madison Thorne Grey

FBBrilliancefinalNearly as large as his Gwarda brothers, Wharick and Gage, Breccan has blond hair, viking-wide shoulders and Gwarda green eyes.

Sarcastic, funny, sometimes extremely irritating to Darius

Breccan loves to have breaks from the forest and visit the brothels in Johobin.

Breccan the strikingly handsome blond Gwarda has always been humorous and loyal but determined to remain a bachelor. Still, he clings to an image of the druid, Wren, which the seer, Thais, drew not so long ago. Wren is at a farm in the outskirts of Aldwich, and in order to obtain his full god powers and finally become a greater asset to his Gwarda brothers, Breccan needs to connect with her, connect with his soul mate, his Destoul. Will he remain adamant about only obtaining his powers, or will he fall for the fiery druid and surrender to the connection and passion which ignites between them?

Wren is known among the villagers of Johobin as a witch, which is fine by her just as long as they leave her alone. She has made a home at the farm outside of Aldwich and is perfectly content with the life she now leads. But when a gorgeous Gwarda warrior enters her life and tries to stake a claim to her, it threatens to turn her world inside out. She struggles to overcome her guilt and fear and to see beyond her scarred face and troublesome past. Will Breccan help her see that she's more than what consumes her? Can he penetrate the stubborn wall she has guarding her heart and make her see just how brilliant she shines?


Destoul: Wren

Gem: Blue Sapphire

Playlist: Free by Helen Jane Long

Wings by Birdy

Something I need by One Republic


 Book six: Malevolence by Madison Thorne Grey

Malevolence Nook Eyramus (air-ra-mus):Twin to the archangel, Thristan, Eyramus is thought to be evil until Sorvus realizes that the Lucius, the god of death, is behind Eyramus' actions.

Eyramus has white wings, dark brown hair, pale blue diamond-like eyes, the trademark of archangels. Since his heart has been tainted by the god of death, Eyramus' has some facial hair around his mouth and chin. He's consider the bad boy archangel twin.

Destoul: Brae

Gem: Black Onyx

Demons by Imagine Dragons

Yours by Ella Henderson

I Lived by OneRepublic

White Lies by Paolo Nutini

Not About Angels by Birdy

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~Madison Thorne Grey

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