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"There was no mistaking what the feeling of fullness in his heart meant. They were mates and were bound together. Forever. Wharick's green eyes closed for a moment as he absorbed the feeling of completeness their bond provided his spirit."— Madison Thorne Grey

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  • New Romance Book Release - Magnificence goes live!

    Magnificence 600x900

    Magnificence, an adult paranormal romance book is now available on Amazon for Kindle! It will be available in paperback(6x9) next week! So very exciting. Here is a brief synopsis:

    Had Keirah and her sisters known what was set in motion the day their stones appeared and how personally they would be affected by it, they would have still fought the darkness,

    still battled for what belonged to them. Anguish had fallen upon their people as darkness encompassed their land, but through the darkness there came light.

    The new race of warriors would be their hope, their salvation, their loves’ destiny.

    But they too could be tainted. They too could be seduced by the black forces they had been created to fight against. If measuring by this earthly realm’s time then it’s been years but in the unseen realm above known as Vehaven, it has been but a moment.

    Love knew no bounds, knew no limitations. It looked beyond the unseen realm and reached in for a taste, for a moment of regenerated happiness, and in that moment fate was altered and the destinies of many were changed.

    Their land, their Northbrook, they discovered, was a very magical place.


    A love which was lost long ago will alter the destinies of many…

    Wharick, the leader of a new race of fire-yielding, green-eyed warriors finds more than beasts and gypsies to battle when he discovers his stubborn, beautiful mate in the midst of a dark forest he is now to call home.

    He is born with the same binds around his wrists as his Gwarda brethren but he is the chosen leader: the Gwardian. He must unite and lead the new race of cursed warriors who now live in the black forest of Surchin. He fights with the fire of a god; he kills the roaming beasts, battles the darkness, strives only to fulfill the purpose he is constantly beckoned by the gods to achieve. However, his priorities are altered the day he hears the voice of hisDestoul, his soul’s destiny. She is in the forest and she is wounded. He will stop at nothing to find her, possess her, and kill whoever dares to harm what belongs to him.


    Regenerated souls destined to find each other again…

    Keirah and her younger druid sisters are all marked with a gem as it magically appears embedded in their bodies. Now they find themselves without parents and forced to live with strangers. They soon flee from the fires of their new home into the forests that hold the most vile, the Karpartha gypsies, and the god of death’s minions, known as Kravens. They are held captive, victimized, and then separated.Keirah begins her journey to find her beloved sisters and, while doing so, finds the destiny of her heart. She is instantly struck by the intense attraction between the Gwardian and her. Being raised fiercely independent, she struggles to admit her need and desire for the Gwarda male, because in doing so, it threatens to destroy the shields she has built up to protect her heart.


    Needless to say, I am thrilled. I am currently writing book two in this series, Sustenance.

    Buy book one, Magnificence now on Amazon for Kindle here!

    I hope everyone enjoys reading my new adult paranormal romance book. I am constantly thinking of the other characters in the series as they nag at my mind to write their stories. I am already a third into the second book. Kathel and Mahgen's story. =)


  • Glossary of Terms: Gwarda Warriors Series

    Magnificence 600x900The fantasy world of the Gwarda Warriors can, at times, be a bit overwhelming for some. It is beneficial to understand that this world is made up into three realms:

    Human realm (earth) - Gwarda series takes place in a country called Northbrook,

    Celestial realm above known as Vehaven

    Realm below - known as Helasion.

    Here is a list of people, places and terms:

    Vehaven: (A heaven like place) Realm above. However, after the great war of the gods and archangels it was split into different levels.

    Excerpt from Magnificence:"Agreeing that they could no longer coincide peacefully in the same realm with one another, Vehaven was split into separate levels."

    Essence: Second level of Vehaven; Main focus of the series: Level of the gods of fate; home to Sorvus; Twin archangels Eyramus and Thristan. The main holy place Sanctuary.

    Excerpt from Magnificence:"The second level is known as Essence. It was taken by the gods of fate and their descendants. The great core life structure, Sanctuary, was then placed within a great hall in the center."

    Enceinte: Eighth level; Home to Acronis, the god of life (half brother to Lucius god of death); best friend of Arturro.

    Excerpt from Magnificence:"The eighth level above became known as Enceinte, the home of Acronis, the god of life. It was known as the place of rebirth. It housed the mainframe terminal where each life and death was recorded and maintained. Of course Lucius would have a sub-station of the terminal with limited access with him in Helasion. No one cared to see his face in the upper levels ever again."

    Helasion: Once a cave inside of Vehaven. After the war it was cast down as a fiery pit below; home of Lucius the god of death

    Excerpt from Magnificence:"To the far west was the only dark area in all of Vehaven, the cave of Helasion. The cave had one god who looked over it, Lucius the god of death. It was a bitter contrast to the light all around and was purposely separated by a river of fire. The cave looked deep and endless as it housed the black cores of the wicked inside of its prison of darkness."

    Sanctuary; located in Essence this is where the core cultures(parts of the soul) of fallen gods and archangels are laid to rest.

    Excerpt from Magnificence:"The brilliant white life-core facility housed the cores of the fallen archangels and gods."

    Northbrook: Earthly realm

    Surchin: Home of the Gwarda Warriors; Dark forest where the majority of black beasts are unleashed; Curved in treetops; cursed forest

    Gisbin: Home to Lazerin a high ranking Druid and trainer of the last of the new race. (Wharick, Breccan, Gunnar and Darius).

    Folkirk: Home to the druid, Hershen, trainer of the firsts(some of the firsts of the Gwarda males born in Northbrook); has many daughters

    Shoshan: A once thriving druid community and home to the daughters for a short time.

    Kingsbridge: Gateway to Gamlock; small village .. will be built up

    Gamlock: Home of the throne of Northbrook

    Looking glass pond: located in Essence; This pond is surrounded by white trees. Around its' edge are gems of all colors embedded as rocks. It is the only color throughout all of Essence. Sorvus and Thristan love this place: A vision portal to the human realm


    Inside of Essence there is a sacred stone; an Emerald, of which all things are sealed and is a traveling power throughout all of Vehaven and the realms below.

    Regeneration (regenerated);A reincarnation of sorts. Upon death a righteous soul will either be regenerated back into the human populus to be born of a female once again or they will become a descendant. Each soul is recorded in the main terminal.

    Destoul: the destiny of ones' soul; soulmate

    Descendant: Known in all levels of Vehaven as working angels of the gods of fate these being go to and fro from Essence to earth. Their duties are to be a small voice in the minds of humans to do the right thing.

    Kravens: Dark souls that were once in the pit in Helasion are turned into these entities by Lucius. They are Lucius' minions.

    Archangels: High ranking angel of Vehaven

    Black beasts: Inevitably unleashed on Northbrook these corrupted descendants were punished, banished to the pit below but not before being turned into beasts. They are very bad. (lol).

    Druid/druid knight brigade: Druids on Northbrook were once the advisors of the royal throne. However, later they are banished from the kingdom and used of the gods of fate to be trainers of the new race.

    Gwarda: Pronounced GWAR-DAH ( think DAR-DA ) Born with binds and crystal like celestial green eyes, this new race of alpha males are created to protect righteous humans and kill black beasts in Northbrook. They inevitably find their Destouls and are drawn to them. They are possessive and at times over-bearing but oh so hot. =)

    For warrior names and more check out the section for Gwarda Warriorshere!

    Non Gwarda People:

    Arturro: God of fire and Ice (his core 'soul' is regenerated within the Gwarda)

    Isobel: Destoul of Arturro (druid) her soul is regenerated into many females on earth

    Sorvus: Daughter of Lucius she is half god of death and half human; friend of Thristan; wants deparately out of Essence to live in the human realm. Has visions that tell her one of the Gwarda is her mate.

    Lazerin: Druid; Trainer of the Gwarda; like a father to Wharick (Gwardian)

    Hershen: Druid; Trainer of some of the first Gwarda (Father to the daughters that have Isobel's souls)

    Lucius: God of death (Evil, evil and evil)

    Acronis: God of life (brother of Lucius)

    Clatrusius: a god of fate that is ornery and likes to argue in council meetings.

    Eyramus: Archangel (influenced by Lucius)

    Thristan: Archangel twin to Eyramus

    Cressida: friend of Sorvus; mother of Eyramus and Thristan

    I'll be adding more and will definitely be adding a glossary to all future books!

    Thanks for your encouragement and support! Much appreciated!


     Buy Magnificence; book one in the Gwarda Warriors series,HERE!


  • Madison Thorne Grey - New blog!

    New blog up starting today! This is where you will read of all things Gwarda.

    My first paranormal/fantasy romance book will be soon published! The Gwarda Warriors are very large, alpha males that are an entirely new race of beings. They have been created to kill the black beasts that have been unleashed on the country of Northbrook. Darkness has settled in this realm. Darkness that is under the command of the evil one himself, Lucius.

    Lucius is the god of death.

    More will be revealed later! Also, the new cover for my first book in this series. Titles, and excerpts and more to come soon!

    ~ Madison Thorne Grey

  • Magnificence; Now Available for FREE; Free Romance Ebook

    Magnificence 600x900With the up coming release of Sustenance; book two of the Gwarda Warriors Series, I am now offering Magnificence; book one for FREE for Ebooks!

    Yes, that's right. Magnificence has become available on Smashwords, where you can find many different formats to download. These formats include, Nook, Kobo, Apple and more!

    Get the free ebook on Smashwords!smashicon

    Sustenance, Kathel and Mahgen's story will be made available soon! Until then, enjoy the free ebook!

    Thanks so much!



    Not familiar with Magnificence?

    Magnificence is an adult fantasy-paranormal romance novel. The first half of the book sets up the Gwarda Warriors series. You learn why and how the creation of this new race came about. You will also meet Wharick, the Gwardian, the leader, of the race of Alpha-male warriors. He soon finds his Destoul, the destiny of his soul. The new race, and their mates are the regenerated (reincarnation) of two Destouls that found each other, yet suffered loss and tragedy. Read this sexy, heart-warming series and see the reuniting of a lost love, over and over again.

    For more information: Gwarda Warriors

  • Malevolence by Madison Thorne Grey

    Malevolence NookMalevolence:book six in the Gwarda Warriors series will be released soon!

    The final full-length novel of the Gwarda Warriors series; Malevolence

    Malevolence is a continuation of the Gwarda Warriors story of Surchin Forest, the Gwarda fortress, and all of the warriors and their mates, but with a focus on Eyramus, the bad-boy archangel, and Brae, his Destoul, his soul mate.

    Eyramus' story could be released as early as next week!

    I am thrilled to have completed this series and honestly, I shed a few tears writing it. However, I am very excited about future projects and have already started writing a standalone full-length fantasy romance novel.

    The Gwarda are not far from my mind, and I plan on doing a spin off (possibly a trilogy). Make sure to read the Epilogue at the end of Malevolence.

     Thank you to all the fans of the Gwarda Warriors books. I appreciate the support and encouragement you have shown me over the course of the past three years, it has meant so much!

     Find the entire Gwarda Warriors series here (the first 3 are free): amazongreen





  • Silence by Madison Thorne Grey Cover Reveal

     Silencebook four in the Gwarda Warriors series will soon be released!

    Meet the archangel Thristan!

    Silence Nook

    I searched for a graphic artist that has done fantasy covers and has a flare for it. I believe I found the right one! The Gwarda Warrior books have a lot of fantasy in them, and I wanted the outside cover to reflect the inside. Silence cover is exactly what I wanted. The release date will soon be announced. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!




  • Sustenance by Madison Thorne Grey; Gwarda Warriors book 2

    New Romance Book Release May 2014

    Gwarda Warriors book two; Sustenance

    Yes, Kathel and Mahgen's story is now published! Sustenance is available for both print and ebook formats.

    Sustenance final 600x900When the one you love and hunger for, is out there…

    Kathel, the gypsy Gwarda warrior has a mission: find his Destoul, Mahgen, claim her as his own, and return to the dark forest of Surchin to unite with his Gwarda brothers.
    Passion and hidden power ignite inside Kathel. Soon his troubled past and secrets will be revealed, and he must battle more than dark forces and black beasts. He will also struggle with his own heart in order to remain with the mate who is his destiny.

    You do whatever it takes to find them…

    Mahgen is on the verge of giving up when her Destoul, the destiny of her soul, finds her and saves her life. Thrilled to be with her mate, Mahgen now carries with her the horrid memories of the months held captive by evil Karpartha gypsies. Will Kathel forgive what she had to do to survive? Can they look beyond the secrets and pain to see their love overcome all?

    Follow these buttons to get your copy now!

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  • The Gwarda Warriors Series - Brilliance Cover Reveal

    The Gwarda Warrior series continues with Brilliance; book #5

    FBBrilliancefinalThe story on a whole moves forward with this second from last novel in this fantasy romance series. Brae is still inside of Regnum, the realm of the between. The Gwarda, and especially Eyramus the archangel, are determined to find a way inside of the invisible realm in order to rescue Brae. In the mean time, Breccan is focused on getting his full powers so he be a greater asset to the king and to his Gwarda brothers.

    Breccan has always been fun, loyal, and a man hell bent on remaining a bachelor. Still, he clings to an image of Wren which the seer, Thais, drew not so long ago. Wren is at a farm in the outskirts of Aldwich, and in order to obtain his full powers, Breccan needs to connect with her, connect with his Destoul. Will he remain adamant about only obtaining his powers, or will he fall for the fiery druid and give in to the connection and passion they share? We will find out soon! Brilliance is to be released sometime in May, or sooner!

  • What's new in romance by Madison Thorne Grey

    Malevolence NookNews from the desk of Madison Thorne Grey:

    I will be writing a spin-off of the Gwarda Warriors series, called:"Beyond the Sea of Glass" which focuses on Theren and Isobel. Isobel is one of the next generation of mixed breeds. Half-Gwarda, half-druid or archangel, the next-generation are sure to have amazing powers and add to the mysterious fantasy setting of the country of Northbrook.

    The world  is set in the same Gwarda world, dark, magical and powerful, however, the location will be in the once-thriving druid community of Shoshan and will include insight on the training of the children of the gods.

    Current writing projects:


    The first and second books in the all-new Mirror of Blackmor Trilogy have been released! I am currently writing Aries, book 3 in the trilogy.

    More to come soon!







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